Redcap, the Bloody Vampire

The redcap, who is a part of the folklore of Ireland, is not entirely a vampire but more inclined on the goblins. But like the vampire, the redcap satiates its thirst by drinking human blood.  The redcap is believed to be sickly and thin with a tough outer skin layer.  He has a short hair and carries a deadly weapon which is usually a scythe.   He will instantly attack any person who mistakenly invades the location that he decided to guard.   

The redcap is a term used to describe the cap he is wearing.  This cap is made out of human flesh and painted with human blood.  And despite of his lanky appearance and heavy armaments, the redcap is quick and nimble especially when he attacks.  It is said that there is no way to escape his brutal attack when you came face to face with a redcap.  You cannot outrun a Redcap because of its speed.

The Redcap needs to continuously hunt for human flesh in order to survive.  While killing his victim, his hat will be stained by its blood, maintaining its reddish appearance.  Legends said that they usually killed those people who ran away from their home.  They will push those giant boulders on top of the hill and right to their target.  The attack will create a giant pool of blood where the redcap can dip his hat.

They said that the only way you can escape him is to be familiar with the place.  If you know a hiding place that the redcap is not aware of, then maybe there is a chance for you to survive.  But since the redcap is a dweller of that area, chances are, it is already aware of your hiding place.

Redcap usually resides on the old castle ruins.  They said that these creatures are determined to guard the castle with their life.


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