The Incident of a Vampire Chair

Located along the Mountains of East Tennessee is a town called Canter County, where the Odom brothers (Eli and Jacob) were famous for their chairs.  They have been particularly busy during the year 1806-1840.  Hundred of their creations have been sold to different state all over the country.

But they were about to become more popular as one of their woven seat chairs has come into possession of a self proclaimed witch.  The witch dwells in a cabin located at Charleston near the Hiwasee River.  There are no accounts about her exploits of being a vampire.  She also has no criminal records of attacking anyone.  But on the year 1917, during a road widening project, a body was found near the place where she supposedly reside, police said that the body belongs to the self professed vampire.  Her body was found face down and starting to enter the phase of decomposition due to the wet ground.

The self-proclaimed vampire has been stake to the heart.  The stake that was drill into her heart was the bottom leg support of a chair similar to the chair that was created by the Odom Brothers.  Locals believed that the chair has been looted from her cabin.  The culprit repaired it and took it back to his home.

The attack of the vampire chair, started to circulate shortly after the discovery of the dead body.  Reports said that anyone who sat down to the chair would be bounded by an unseen force and would start to scratch the person’s arms.  After a short period of time, the scratch would start to bleed and the attack would not cease until a single drop of blood drop on the ground.

They said that the chair looks exactly like any other chairs in the community and it’s too late before you know that it is the vampire chair.  They believe that the chair still exist up to this day since no one is willing to destroy the chair in fear of making the matter worse.  There were reports that the chair is currently on the campus of Tusulum College.


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