The Green Children of Woolpit

During the 12th Century, two children appeared in the town of Woolpit located in Suffolk, UK.  The children were allegedly brother and sister.  The two of them appeared to be normal kids aside from their skin color which is green.

Both of them spoke an unrecognizable language thus no one can understand the things they are trying to say.  The kids would also refuse to eat anything other than pitch of the bean pods.  Time passes by and the children lose their green-colored skin.  They also started learning the English language.

The children explained that they came from the land of St. Martin which is a pitch black place because the sun never appeared on the horizon.  They said that they were taking care of their father’s herd when they saw a light.  They tracked the origin of the river of light, and then they heard the sound of a bell.  Before they knew it, they were already in Woolpit.

The account of the Green Children can be found in the work of William of Newburgh and Ralph of Coggeshall.  William said that his reports about the Green Children are based on the accounts of trustworthy witnesses.  Ralph on the other hand incorporates the details of information about Sir Richard de Calne of Wykes who allegedly gave the children a shelter in his manor.

Some people claimed that the children are suffering from a disease; others believe that the children came from a parallel universe.  The real story behind the Green children would remain a mystery and continue to baffle humanity in the years to come.

Could they be living in a place where most of the cryptids can be found?


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