Gaki is the spirit of a greedy person who died in Japan.  It is known to be a very persistent vampiric spirit.  Those greedy people were forced to go back to the earth and wander around with an insatiable thirst for blood.

Gaki is depicted as a hollow creature with pale skin and a cold body.  Its neck is said to be narrow but their stomach is big enough that it could contain any amount of blood.  Though they can assume the form of a mist, these creatures would prefer to attack people in their physical form.  They would shape shift in a form of an animal.  Their animal form is said to be a humanoid with red skin and a horn.

They do not need to have a physical contact with their victim in order to drain blood from them.  Being in the presence of a Gaki is enough for it to feed on your blood.  Once the gaki attack its prey, they would fall into a feeding fiasco.

It is said to be invulnerable when it is in his mist form unless attack by a weapon blessed spiritually and design to attack ghastly creatures, those weapon can inflict damage to the gaki but it would not entirely destroy it.  The best way to destroy a gaki is while it is in human form while it is feeding a victim.  A gaki is so fixated in devouring his victim that it would not notice your move.

There are several types of gaki; they were classified by their diet.  The most dangerous gaki are known to consume human flesh and blood and suck on the victim’s soul.  There were also gaki that feed on the thought of their victim.  Some gaki feed on the tattoos, others are known to be less dangerous and live on the monasteries.


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