Vodyanik is a vampire creature that lurks in the water.  It is the male counterpart of Rosalka that is a part of the Slavic folklores.  The name “Vodyanik” literally translates to water grandfather which generally described the place he lives in and his appearance.  The creature is said to resemble the appearance of an old man but with a green beard and his round cheeks and belly are colored red.

Vodyanik is also a bald creature that completed its look of an old man but he is usually seen wearing an old woven pointed hat and its belt is made out of rushes.  The creature also wears something with a touch of green.

Vodyanik are highly unpredictable and territorial.  It would let anyone play on the water that he resides during the day.  People are free to utilize the water as long as it is still not midnight.  If he found out that someone broke the rules and went to his water at night, the creature will pull him down and drown him.  After the victim dies, the vodyanik would drain the blood out of the corpse. 

Surprisingly, the vodyanik is said to have some soft spot for the fishermen.  It will constantly assume the image of a salmon and guide the school of fish into their nets.  The vampiric creature also warns them about the impending storm.

Vodyanik also assume the appearance of a handsome young man and lures beautiful women.  It will even take the form of someone she knew and when she gets into the water, the creature would pull the woman under the water and drown her.  Again he would suck the blood out of her when she died.  The only way to tell a vampire being from a human is that the left side of the vampire is always wet.

Vodyanik would appear to be invincible while it is in the water but once it leaves the water, the power of the creature greatly diminishes.  The vampiric being can often be seen in a river rock brushing his long green beard.  It would leave the water every night to guide his sea cows and sea sheep into the land so they may feed.

A vodyanik also tends to marry a beautiful woman every now and then.  He will choose a bride from those women that he drowned or those women who have been disinherited by their parents.  During the time of the labor of his wife, the vampire would venture into the town and seek the help of a midwife.  The vampire creature is ready to pay a lump sum amount of gold ensuring that the midwife would do a good job.  The offspring of vodyanik were depicted as tall but with pale skin.  They were also gifted with a beautiful singing voice and often hang out on the branches of the trees singing.


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