The Wolves of Perigord

During 1760’s in France, there has been an unexplained rise of wolf attack on human.  One of those would be the wolf of Soissons who managed to kill 4 people another would be the wolves of Perigord who caught the attention of Louis XV of France.

The wolves of Perigord were a pack of wolves that attacked the citizens of the northwestern area of Perigord.  The incident was recorded on February of 1766.  Based on the accounts of the authority, at least 18 people were killed during the attack of the wolves before they were finally killed.

Louis XV offered a reward to those who would manage to kill the wolves.  He also offered them prize money and exemption on the military service of their children if they would be able to save a victim.  An old man around 60-years of age and with a billhook as his weapon was able to save a marksman and his friends after they were attacked by the rampaging werewolves when their armaments have been depleted.

According to the records, citizens that were named Sieurs de Fayard killed three of them and a pro-hunter managed to kill the 4th wolves.  One general hunted the wolves and managed to kill 2 of them.  When one of the wolves was examined they noticed that the wolf has two rows of teeth on its jaw, a one of a kind wolf that they concluded to be a hybrid.

Up to this day, it is not known whether what happened on that period that causes the wolves to attack the human.  And what is more puzzling is the double set of teeth found on one of the wolf, is there someone behind this attack or it is just a random attack?


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