Tase are from the Burmese lore who are the benevolent spirit of a dead man or women who is considered a vampire and a plague carrier.  There are believed to be three classifications of Tase; the Thabet Thase, Thaye Tase and Hminza Tase.

The Thabet Tase is the unrest spirit of women who apparently died while giving birth.  They would come back to haunt the living in the form of a succubi.  This creature normally appears during the twilight near the house of his targeted victims which are commonly males.

The Thaye Tase are horrendous looking giant creatures that can often be seen during an outbreak of a disease particularly cholera and smallpox.  They are said to be the souls of those who died from a violent death.  This particular vampire takes the delight in lying down beside the bed of a dying person while laughing over the agony of their victim.

The Hminza Tase on the other hand is a name for a group of lesser demonic creatures.  They can possess the bodies of animals such as dogs, crocodiles and tigers.  They usually haunt the place where they dwell when they were still alive.  They seek vengeance to those people who are the cause of their miserable life.

Traditionally, the Burmese takes an amount of precaution in ensuring that this creature will never come back again to haunt them.  The Burmese would not erect a gravestone in hopes that the Tase would forget his name and his past.  People also tried to appease the vengeful spirit of the Tase by offering sacrifices, a death dance or by holding festivals.  In case that a Tase appeared on your house, creating loud noises is said to drive away the evil spirit.


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