Vampire killers

April 2007, three people had been arrested by the local police of Guyana for the charges killing a suspected vampire.  It was morning when the victim decided to wander around the village of Bare Root.  The three suspects called her attention and they immediately suspected that the lady is not a human.  During that time, one of the members of the villagers noticed a red spot on the chest area of her child which they believe could indicate an “Old Higue” came to visit her child and feed on his blood.  An Old Higue is a phantom of the vampire that has the ability to transform into a fire.

Some residents helped in trapping the suspected undead by circling her with a rice.  They threw kerosene at her and attempted to burn her; but apparently, she didn’t ignite which for the villagers is a clear sign that she’s not a human.  Others claimed that the girl transformed into a hair ball when the people surrounded her.

The villagers performed other traditional method of driving away bad spirits, they asked her where she came from and the lady replied “Non Pariel”.  When the sun rises, which the local believe is also the time that the Old Higue would transform into her original form, the lady stood straight.  The villagers noticed that her dress is exposing some of her body parts and that she’s not wearing any underwear.  The people surrounding her started to hit her until she went down, someone also inserted something on her.  After some time, they left her lying on the ground where she eventually died.

The police picked up the dead body on the road and transported it to the funeral home.  One of the witnesses said that she did not approve the way they treated the lady and that she might be mentally ill which makes her an easy-target for those people who has a strong belief on superstition.

After a thorough investigation, the lady named Radika Singh turned out to be a psychiatric patient who ran away from her family.  Three people were arrested for the murder of the lady.  Accounts of the mentally disabled lady were documented by Guyana Chronicles.


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