Clark Hadden

Clark Hadden pleaded guilty to the second degree murder and he was order to serve at least 30 years of life imprisonment.  He was also convicted for killing and cannibalizing Michelle Dorr whose body was never discovered.  That time when Michelle Dorr disappeared, the initial suspect was the girl’s father.  In 1992, the mother of Laura Houghtelling gave Clark Hadden a part time job in the garden.  But it seems that Hadden has no sense of gratitude as he murdered Laura Houghtelling.  The police already suspected him for the disappearance of Michelle Dorr, he was investigated and arrested in a matter of days.

Clark Hadden came from a prominent family.  His grandfather actually became a mayor of the White Plains, New York and his father is a well respected chemist.  Hadden was the second child of the Hadden couple; they were expecting a baby girl, so when Clark turns out to be boy, his Mother would often dress him as a girl, a probable reason why he turned out to be a cross dresser.

When the police arrested him, he confessed that his killing days began during the mid-70.  He also claimed that he stabbed Michelle Dorr and put her in a duffel bag.  He then took her body home and dined in on her.  He decided to bury the remains of the girl but her body was never found.

The main motive of Clark Hadden to kill woman is due to his belief that if he drinks their blood, he would be able to turn into a real woman.  Hadden also decided to cooperate with them and point to them the location of the victims’ remains in one condition, if the police would purchase him women’s clothing.  However, no remains were found.  The only thing they discovered was the personal possession of the victims whom Hadden considered as a trophy.


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