Operation: Zombifying San Francisco and New York

Major Gen. William Creasy of the Army Chemical Corps firmly believe that LSD and other hallucinogens are the weapons of the future.  If there is a way that CIA can infiltrate the water reservoir of a city, the enemies would surrender with no resistance.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb was assigned on producing a substance that could affect a large scale population without arousing any suspicion.  A perfect substance would be the one being sprayed and placing the enemies into a trance that would leave them helpless.  It should be a weapon that can put the enemy into a mental confusion or disable their free will, in short placing them into a zombification process.

The said experimentation purportedly manifested on 1957.  Back then it was not on their agenda to affect foreign population so they allegedly targeted New York City.  They called it Operation Big City.  The exhaust pipe of the 1953 Mercury served as an exhaust for the substance.  They drove around the town and they noted on the effects of the substance on the public.

The experiment was followed by one giant project, spreading a biological gas on the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco.  The purpose of the experiment was to coat the entire city with the gas and observe how powerful it would affect the mind thinking of those who were exposed to the gas.  But the weather is not in favor of them that day as a strong gushed of wind blew away the gas before it could affect anyone.

It was not the first time that the U.S. government tried to test their weapon to the public.  In 1950, U.S. Navy deliberately spread bacteria that cause a massive breakout of pneumonia.  In 1977, during a senate hearing, there has been a confirmation that at least 239 areas in U.S. have been contaminated with the biological agents.

It seems that the U.S. had been trying to harness the idea of zombification of Haiti as a weapon for their enemies or was they already successful in producing such weapon?


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