Loup garou are not the only feared werewolf creatures in Haiti.  They also believe in the spirit of Je-rouges which means red eyes.  These spirits can possess an individual and turn him into a fearsome werewolf.  The creature is said to attack during night time to those unsuspecting people.  They would then turn the man into a cannibal creature without them knowing it.

In one legend, the beast had to ask for the permission of the Mother before they can feast on the children.  These Je-rouges are said to trick the Haitian Mother in giving away their children.  The Je-rouges would allegedly enter the house; he would then walk inside the room of the Mother and wake her up.  The creature would then ask the mother if she can take her child away, and because the mother is still in the disoriented state, there is a possibility that he might say yes to the Je-rouges.  This creature was often blamed for the missing kids during the night.  It has also been a way to scare children who were trying to leave the village at night.

Je-rouges are different from the European werewolves in a manner of how they spread their curse.  Unlike European werewolves who made pact with the devil and use ointment to shape shift in a form of a wolf, the Je rouges are believed to transfer their curse by injecting it to their victims with their sharp fangs.

The Je-rouges are said to be the influence of the French to the Haitian.  It is said to suck the blood of the children and then devour them.


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