The Specter of Kodom

The Specter of Kodom was blamed for the death of some people in the village located in
Bavaria.   The specter was believed to be that of a herdsman who made its appearance to number of people who reside in Kodom.  Apparently after a week or so, those people who claimed that they saw the specter of the herdsmen mysteriously died.  The town went into panic and organized a hunt on the vampire.  They exhumed the body and stake him on the chest, (it was not stated whether they use a hawthorn to stake the corpse as per tradition) hoping that it will end the torment of the specter.

But the Specter of Kodom appeared again that night and continued to terrorize the villagers; some of them claimed that the herdsman suffocated them.  The head of the village decided to take extra step and gave the body of the supposed vampire to the executioners.  The executioners then carried it to a nearby field and burned it to ashes.  While the body is engulfed in flame, people who witnessed testified that the corpse started kicking and howling as if it was still alive.

The people were frightened and decided to thrust it with a sharp stake in the chest once again.  The corpse then let out an agonizing cry and started to vomit massive amount of blood.  After the body of the Specter of Kodom was turned into ashes, the attack ceases and the life of the villagers returned to normal.

The legend of the Specter of Kodom is one of the most popular vampire incidents that have been recorded in the history of Germany.


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