The Vampire Named Milos

Radovejo is one of the oldest villages in Serbia where a vampire incident happened during the 18th Century.  The report was sent to the Imperial military of Belgrade.

It was during July of 1732 when the prince asks Tamarski to investigate an incident to Radovejo that concerns an unusual death of 11 people.  Those 11 people died at around the month January-February.  Upon interrogation the villagers claimed that the 11 people who died are all victims of a vampire named Milos.  The reports about the vampire Milos exist up to this day.

The town’s folks believe that this Milos whose last name remains unknown possesses magical powers and were able to communicate with the animals.  Tamarski convinced the people to stop believing on vampires, but apparently the belief on vampires of the Serbian is just too strong so Tamarski had no choice but to perform the exhumation.  Milos was the first corpse to be disinterred; he was already 15 months dead. They were surprised that upon opening the casket of Milos, his eyes were opened and his body was perfectly preserved.  There were also amount of blood flowing out of his mouth.

The report captured the interest of the Government of Vienna and noted that it is a very unique case.  The remains of Milos were given a dose of calyx before they reburied him as per the request of the villagers. During the trial, some people who are acquainted with the 11 victims said that there is a 6-9 days of interval before the next death would occur.  Before they die, they claimed that they were experiencing nightmares and most of them have marks on their neck.   Due to this reason, Tamarski decided to dig the grave.    Eight of the bodies have a clear sign of decay while the other 2 are perfectly preserved.  There is also this one peculiar corpse that seems like sleeping, her remains are perfectly movable unlike the other corpse.

The three victims undergo the traditional vampire exorcism.


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