Lord of Hermitage Castle, Lord Soulis

Lord Soulis is believed to be a vampiric witch lurking on the Hermitage Castle found in Roxboroughshire, England.  People said that he made a pact with the devil on the 14th Century.  He was said to be a large man that is often seen with his companion he called Robin Redcap, a blood drinking imp.

He is known to be corrupt and took advantage of his power as the Lord of the land.  He would constantly inflict pain and humiliate people tormenting them from day to day.  He is also held responsible for kidnapping men and women and for torturing them inside the walls of his castle to aid him in his magical rituals.  The victims were allegedly drained of blood and their bodies were used as a sacrifice for his dark practices.

His familiar which is the Red Robincap grant him the ability to withstand any attack of steel or rope.  The legend of his exploit reach the King and they decided to conduct an investigation.  Lord Soulis was found guilty of conspiracy against Robert Bruce.  He spent the rest of his life inside the Dumbarton Castle.  When he died people thought that the phantom of the lord is still accompanied by his loyal familiar.

An 18th century ballad dedicated to Lord Soulis, but the accounts were different from what really happened.  It states that the Lord has been overrun by the villagers and was dragged to the Druid’s Circle where he met his end.  The song said that the lord has been boiled by the people with lead. The lead encased his body and he was wrapped with a body sheet.  He was then buried to a secret location hoping that no one would be able to discover the evil man.


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