There were numerous Incubus attacks reported over the century.  There was also a time when it was believe that if a person has a sexual intercourse with a demon, whether he/she likes it or not, they are bound to have an offspring.  The fruit of that attack is called the Cambion.

Cambion would develop as a normal kid but those who were born with physical deformities are suspected of being a cambion.  Twins are also said to be a half breed between demon and human.  A cambion cannot be killed until it became 7 years old.  By that time it was fairly acceptable for a hunter to kill the child.

A cambion can be identified when a holy man touches it.  If a child is a cambion, it would cry as if it is experiencing an excruciating pain.  Those who survive and become an adult were often judged because people believed they have demon blood running through their veins.

A cambion who reach its maturity is said to be dense and heavier than it looks.  He also have the talent of casting spells and magic thus most of the sorcerers were believed to be a cambion.  They also have well toned muscle and exhibit an arrogant behavior.

Merlin is believed to be a cambion.  His mother is a nun and his father is an incubus. Remus and Remulus the twin who founded the Rome was said to be a cambion.  Plato, Alexander the Great, Martin Luther, Caesar Augustus, Scipio Africanus was all suspected of being a cambion.

In the year 1275, a girl named Angela de Labarthe living in Toulouse was burned to a stake after allegedly giving birth to a child with the head of the wolf and has a tail of a snake.  People were scared and claimed that only a demon can be the father of that kid and Angela had a relationship with a demon.


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