Mjertovjec is a Belarusian vampire.  This creature is a crossover of werewolf and vampire (some says witch).  If a werewolf dies, he is bound to rise up again but this time as a vampire.  He will attack during the night by detaching his upper chest together with his head to the entire body.  They said that the Mjertovjec do this to avoid being staked at his chest.

There are ways on how one can turn into a Mjertovjec.  One popular way is that if one person abandons his faith and turn away from the teachings of the church.  Another, is if one person acted like a wolf when he is still alive (biting people) then he is destined to become a vampire. 

Unlike the vampire of the west where they only have two protruding canine teeth, these creatures have many sharp teeth similar to a piranha.  The creature was said to be invulnerable up to the time that you hear the rooster crows for three times.  During those times they possess a superhuman strength that left the victims helpless against his attacks.

Just like the European vampires, where counting is a popular way to outwit them, you can throw several poppy seeds along the way and he will be compelled to count every pieces of it.  If a vampire slayer happens to pass the way, he must not yet kill the vampire.  He must follow the creature back on its grave and wait until the next day when the Mjertovec detached its thorax to its body.  The vampire hunter can then draw a stake into its chest that can kill him.  His corpse must be turned into ashes to prevent him from rising again.

It is also believed that after the rooster crows three times and it didn’t manage to return to its grave, the creature would be paralyzed.  One should consider this time to burn the said vampiric creature. 


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