Zombie Doll

The incident about a Haunted Zombie doll can be found on hauntedamericatours.com.  They said that a customer in Galveston Texas purchased a real zombie doll in Ebay. The shipment arrived on October 2004 with the doll tied up in a metal casket.  She thought that everything was just an ornament; she decided to take out the zombie doll out of the metal box and display it outside.  That’s where the horror begins.

The zombie doll allegedly attacked the woman over and over again.  After the attack, she decided to place it back inside the metal coffin.  She tried to set it in flames but the doll won’t burn.  She attempted to cut it with a knife and a scissor but both of these tools were broken.  Finally she buried it in a cemetery.  After a few moments, the doll appeared on her doorsteps lying with all those dirt.  She posted the image of the doll on Ebay and resold the item.  Fortunately there was someone willing to buy the item.  But after a couple of days, the buyer complained that the doll was missing.  She was surprised to see the doll on her door step again, so she sent it again to the buyer, on the third attempt of sending the buyer the item, the box arrived without the doll.

The original seller of the item claimed that the doll is haunted and should never be taken out of the metal box.  The new owner should’ve kept it hidden.  But of course, the buyer did not believe it and she took it out of the coffin.  The buyer is an amateur ghost hunter and thought that if she took the doll out of the metal case, it would be a perfect specimen to investigate.  Little did she know that the doll is indeed possessed by a ghost.

She seeks the help of the original seller but the seller never responded to her mails.  She also asks for a 3 paranormal to take a look at the doll and see what they can do but apparently they said that they could no longer do something about it.

Finally upon the advice of someone, she took the zombie doll into a priest to have it blessed.  She now kept the haunted doll hidden on her attic.  She said that one day she will sell the house and if she’s fortunate enough she will be able to get rid of the doll until someone eventually finds it.


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