The Werewolf Butcher

A serial killer is commonly give the moniker of a beast based on the severity and the magnitude of the crime that he committed; more often than not the victims would suffer greatly before they die and their mutilated bodies would appear as if they have been attacked by a wild beast.  Such is the case of Jack Owen Spillman III, a serial killer also known as the Werewolf Butcher from Spokane, Washington.  He sexually mutilated a woman and her daughter in April of 1995 and also claimed in killing a 9 year old girl.

Spillman who was 27 years of age allegedly told one of his prison mates that he has this ambition to become one of the greatest serial killers in the world.  He pictured out himself as a wolf, and just how a wolf would act on its prey, Jack Owen Spillman III stalked his prey for months.  He also studied killers to avoid being caught by the authority.  He often fantasized in torturing little girls and taking out their heart to eat.
Spillman said that he was a bit disappointed on his first victim, Penny Davis whom he kept inside a cave because she died too fast.  He proceeds in burying him in the woods but he exhumed her for a number of times to sexually assault her.

Exactly a year after the crime has been committed, Spillman pleaded guilty on the deaths of Rita and Mandy Huffman.  He also pleaded guilty on the murder of Penny Davis.  The court sentenced him to a lifetime imprisonment.


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