Hjalmar Moilanen, the Beast Man of Ontario

January 1914, a man was reportedly on the loose in Kenosha, Ontario.  The story of Hjalmar Moilanen was first reported in January 28, 1914.  The accounts were published on a Chicago newspaper, “The Day Book”.

The reports were as follows:
 “WILD MAN” BREAKS UP BIG SETTLEMENT OF INDIANSKenosha, Ont., Jan. 28–A famous “wild man,” Hjalmar Moilanen, former well-known resident of Aurora, Minnesota, who has terrorized Indians and woodmen and has been pursued all over the forest region of Ontario, has been captured and placed in a steel cage.Indians, believing their country infested with evil spirits after seeing the wild man, abandoned their homes and migrated to a western section of the country.

The perpetrator was described as raving maniac.  Reports further said that Hjalmar was making growling sound when he was sent behind the steel cage.  Though it was never mentioned what caused him to act this way, some people are saying that a theory of Wildman exist in the North America can be true. 

There are no documents stating the incident that happened on the year 1914, other than the story that was published on a Chicago newspaper.  But mysteriousuniverse.org found a service registration bearing the name Johan Hjalmar Moilanen.


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