Philip Onyancha; A Cult Leader/Serial Killer

Philip Onyancha is a self confessed serial murderer that is responsible for killing 17 (possibly 19) murder accounts.  He claimed that he was targeting at least 100 victims.  He said that he was invited to join the cult because of the promise that he will become the wealthiest man in Kenya if he drinks the blood of his victim.

He further claimed that his urge of killing people only develop when he joined the cult.  His supposed target was 100 people then he will become filthy rich but since he already made a confession, his dream of becoming the richest man in Kenya was now out of hand.

During the inquest, Onyancha said that he was looking to fulfill those targets in around 5 years time.  He constantly target women and boys ages 10 and below because they are generally weak and easier to kill.  He also said that he was thankful for the authority for arresting him because finally he would be able to denounce the evil spirit inside him; since he believed no one is powerful enough to arrest him.

He reiterated that he was not on his free will when he engaged on the murder incident.  He blamed the evil spirit inside him and that he couldn’t tell anyone about the evil deeds, because his own spirit might be placed on jeopardy once he speaks about it.  He was in pain when he saw the families of the victims lamented on the death of their members and he said he will always regret doing such acts.

The series of murder remained a mystery until Onyancha confessed to everything. The head of the crime unit was shocked on the confession that it helped them in solving the murder cases.  Onyancha even led them to the place where he executed the victims and the authorities were successful in collecting bones and fragments of the victims.  He usually strangles his victims and then drank their blood.  Somehow he was assured that no one will be able to discover the corpse unless he showed someone their bodies.  Subsequently the police are trying to find connection to Onyancha and some unresolved murder cases within the area.


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