Qiang shi

Chinese Ghouls and Goblins is a book written by Gerald Willoughby-Meade, his work particularly the entry about a Chinese vampire also known as Qiang Shi was widely quoted by Montague Summers in his work The Vampire, His Kith and Kin, particularly the story about Chang Kuei.

Chang Kuei is a Chinese courier that delivered message from Peking to the nearby provinces.  While on his job he encountered a massive storm.  He was passing Liang Hsiang when he saw a small hut.  He took shelter from the hut which was occupied by a female host.  The girl invited him inside the house.  He secured his horse on the nearby area and went inside the house.

On that night, while he slept in one of the room, the girl promised to wake him up before the breaking of dawn so he can continue on his journey and fulfill his duty.  The man woke up late in the morning.  He felt weak and numb and found himself lying on a tomb while his horse is tied in a tree nearby.  When he arrived on the location, the local magistrate asked him about his reason for being late.  He said that the strong storm caused his delay.  The magistrate felt curious about the incident and asked his officials to investigate the incident

The authorities found out that in the said woods were Chang Kuei experienced the trouble; a girl named Chang hanged herself in the woods a few years ago.  There are also accounts of the same incident that was experienced by the courier.

The magistrate orders the officials to open his casket.  They then discovered that even though number of years had passed, the body of Chang was perfectly preserved.  Her cheeks are still reddish as if a blood is still flowing through her veins.    The body of the deceased was ordered to be burned on the location where the haunting occurs.

The haunting of the Qiang shi which is the Chinese equivalent for a vampire ceases on that day.


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