Geoffrey Portway

Geoffrey Portway is a man who devised a plan to eat, rape and kill children in a torture chamber that is under his home.  He was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment after the devices that he was originally planning to use to kill children was found.

Portway, 40 years old confessed to the courtroom his fantasies and his plan on committing the gruesome crimes.  The chats that were recovered from his computer clearly depict that he seek the help of other people in kidnapping kids.  Some of the messages include stuff like “I want to eat ... the two boys you will bring me,’’ and “Perhaps not today, but it will happen. That is all I live for. ... I am serious. It is the only thing that gets me up in the morning.’’

The prosecuting team also showed photographic evidence caught in the basement of the house of the suspect which includes a coffin that is about the size of a kid, tools for butchering and an instrument that is used to restrain someone.

Portway is a former computer programmer before he was arrested due to the pornographic materials of 5 children that he shared.  The defense team referred to the basement as a theatre rather than a torture chamber.  They insisted that Portway walks in that room to fantasize about certain things and they believe that he is not doing anything harmful to anyone since he is doing it in his own home.

Portway was found guilty due to the chats that were recovered from his computer.  The chats included exchange of message between Portway and Ronald Brown who has a plan of nabbing a young boy from their local church.  Brown allegedly took a picture of a kid and drawing thin lines on his bodies to identify the parts of meat and sent it to Portway.


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