Sarah Tillinghast

Sarah Tillinghast will usually spend her day on a graveyard of a revolutionary army and brought a book of poetry.  There she will sit on the ground and read for long hours.  One day, Sarah went home and said she was feeling ill.  She decided to go straight to the bed and rest, after a few weeks or so, Sarah died due to the unknown disease.

They were not yet able to recuperate on the loss of Sarah, when one day James woke up looking anaemic and said that Sarah came to him last night and sat on his chest.  The parents were quick to conclude that James was only hallucinating and it is their son’s way to deal with the loss of a loved one.  But the next morning James was looking paler and started to show difficulty in breathing.  Soon after, James also died.

But that was just the beginning, soon after two of their siblings also died.  They also complained the same thing that their sister Sarah is visiting them.  Their parents started to get worried about the fact that this is a clear sign of vampirism and that Sarah might be draining the life of her siblings and feared that if they do not do something about this, the death on their family will just continue.  The rumours about the random death in the Tillinghast family spread all over town.  Then suddenly, all the deaths on the village were blamed to Sarah Tillinghast.   The Mother of the Tillinghast, Honour, also became sick.  Snuffy, the father could not take it anymore.  He asked Caleb to accompany him on the cemetery.  They brought a knife and an oil lamp determined to put an end to this curse.

The two men dug up the grave of Sarah and opened them.  They were surprised to see that her corpse is perfectly preserved despite of the fact that 18 months has already passed since her death.  Snuffy Tillinghast took her daughter’s heart and burned it.  They said that fresh blood gushed out of the wound of Sarah.

Surprisingly   Honour was able to regain her full strength and recover from that sickness.  There were no more deaths attributed to Sarah after that day.


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