Kuno Hoffman

Kuno Hoffman is a murderer who is a deaf mute laborer.  His alias’ The Vampire of Nuremberg” was acquired on his ways of killing his victims.  Hoffman spent 9 years in a mental institution trying to cure him from his mental illness especially necrophilia.  During those nine years, people said that Hoffman tried to escape 12 times

Hoffman as a child suffered maltreatment on his alcoholic father that resulted to him being a deaf mute.  He was sentenced to nine years in prison due to robbery and theft.  After he fulfilled that nine years, Hoffman became obsessed with demonic rituals and Satanism, particularly the vampirism subject.

It was reported that Hoffman would read obituaries to search for newly death occurrences.  He will then visit the grave, unearth the corpse, slice them into pieces and drink its blood.  He drank the blood of his victim due to his belief that it will rejuvenate his youth.  There are also reports that Hoffman cut down their heads and take their hearts out.   He was also blamed for shooting a man who stopped him from going inside the mortuary.  He said that he caught Hoffman on the act of kissing a corpse.  Kuno Hoffman drew his pistol and aimed it on the morgue personnel, but his shot went wild causing only a wound to the victim.  There are several people who witnessed the said shooting.

Hoffman was said to be responsible for desecrating 35 numbers of corpses and even inciting attempted rape on some corpses.  After sometime, the blood of the corpses is no longer satisfying his needs.  He murdered two people (a man and a woman) at the lover’s lane and drank their blood.  He said that the blood of the livings is far tastier than the blood of the corpse.

Though Hoffman has a history of mental illness, two psychologists present during the court hearing said that Hoffman is aware of what he is doing.  He was sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment.


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