The Devil Made Her Do It: The Story of Otty Sanchez

Otty Sanchez, who killed, dismembered and ate the brain and some of the body parts of her newborn son was found not criminally liable for the murder due to the reason of insanity.  She told the authorities that the devil made her do it.  She was sent to a mental institution to receive an ample treatment on her condition.

The District Attorney claimed that this is one of the most horrendous crimes that they have ever witness.  The Aunt of the three-week old baby arrived on the scene only to see the mutilated body of the kid.  She then called the emergency hotline, 911.  The receiver of the call can clearly hear Sanchez screaming on the background claiming that she didn’t mean to do it and it was the devil who made her devour his own kid.

She was initially found competent to stand a trial but the defendants presented an analysis of three doctors where they claimed that she was already receiving treatment before she committed the crime.  The judge decided to send him into a mental asylum and should be kept secluded until the day that she no longer poses a threat to her fellow men.

Otty Sanchez was known to be suffering from postpartum psychosis.  It is a state wherein a new mother experienced severe depression that some of they became psychotic.


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