The Vampire spirit of Ustrel is believed to be a soul of a child who was born on a Saturday and failed to receive a baptism due to an unexpected death.  After 9 days on the date of its burial, the infant would rise up again as a vampire to feed.  But do not be alarmed since this type of vampire only feed on the blood of the cattle especially cow.  This vampire is being held responsible for the massive death of cow during the old days.
The ustrel would usually start from the fastest and healthiest cow and move down to the list until all the cows have been eliminated.  After 10 days of subsequent feeding, the creature is now strong enough to remain above ground.  The creature won’t stop feeding unless you were able to kill it.  They said that you can usually find an Ustrel dwelling in the horn of a bull or at the hind legs of the cattle.

In order to kill the creature, you must summon a vampirdzija and ask him to perform the ritual of the needfire. A Needfire is a fire that was created for paranormal reasons. On a Saturday morning, the same day that a supposed Ustrel was born, one must check if all the fires in the village were extinguished.  Two needfire should be created in a crossroad and the cows should be led between the two fires.  If the supposed cattle that have an ustrel pass between the two fires, the ustrel will drop causing it to be trapped at a crossroad.

But no one should be allowed to go near the fire, as the ustrel would call their name and follow them home.  If they chose to ignore the call of the creature, a pack of werewolves would soon arrive in the scene and devour the vampire creature.


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