Giles Garnier, The Hermit of St. Bonnot

Said to be a French Werewolf, Giles Garnier lived with his wife in a make shift house far from the villagers at Amanges, France.  During the autumn of 1873, random disappearances of kids were reported around the area of Dole.  The court then releases a declaration, giving the public the authority to hunt the perpetrator down.

Despite the weird appearance of Giles, the public did not see him as a suspect for the disappearance at first.  Garnier exhibits a long beard with thick eyebrows and a pale face.  He also has a poor social life and he avoided talking to others.

Another attack from a wolf was reported on November 8, 1873.  Her screams led the villagers to her location.  When the villagers arrived, they claimed that they saw a huge beast in the form of a wolf and the wounded girl defending herself.  The villagers frightened the wolf and it flees.  They said that the beast’s feature seems familiar to them.  The next attack was recorded on November 10; this time a boy, 10 years of age went missing.  It was not clear how Garnier was arrested but he and his wife confessed about them being a wolf.  These claims were supported by a number of witnesses.

Garnier said that he attacked and killed a number of children when he was in the form of a wolf.  He chewed the arms and legs of a 12 year old girl and thought that it was tasty.  He took the arms of the girl to his wife to delight her.  Garnier said that his next victim was a 12 and 13 year old boy,  he wanted to take the body to the woods and eat them but the appearance of the towns people frightened him and he went away.  The villagers who witnessed him on that day stated that Garnier is in human form and not in a werewolf form.

Garnier was convicted after proven to be the culprit of the series of murder that happened in the area of Dole.  He was sentenced to die by burning alive.


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