Pischal Peri

In Ancient India, a story about a female vampire whose feet are turned backward is a popular part of the ancient Indian Culture.  Pischal Peri usually dwells on the deserted area or those places far away from the human population.  The Pischal Peri would commonly attack the travelers who came across her territory in the woods.  There are also some legends where the creature would attack a village and would torment a particular house in the neighborhood.  Like any other vampires, Pischal Peri is also blamed for the unexplained death.  If a mysterious death occurs in a certain area and a Pischal Peri was held responsible for the said death, the only thing that they can do is to pray and hope that this creature would not attack them next.

This creature takes the identity of a seductive young woman to lure her victims which is commonly male.  He would then suck the blood of her prey or in some cases take out their vital organs.  But for some reason, this vampire cannot copy the human feet, her feet remains backward which can help someone distinguish a vampire from a human.

Pischal Peri came from the Persian word پیچھل‌ پری churial which means back footed.  It is also known as Churel in India.  The legends of the Pischal Peri is popular in Pakistan and India, it is said to terrorize a village found in the Himalayan foothill.  The legend of this creature seems to have been forgotten by time.  The generation of today is no longer aware of the threats that this creature poses to them.

One should keep a copy of the Hanuman Chalisa which is a Hindu hymn expressing devotion in order to protect himself from the attack of the Pischal Peri.


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