Chicago Rippers

Chicago rippers are the members of a satanic cult which includes Robin Gecht (who also worked for a serial killer named John Wayne Gacy), Edward Spreitzer and two brothers named Andrew and Thomas Kokorailes.  They were held being responsible for the mysterious disappearance of 18 women in Chicago.

Gecht and his group would constantly drive around the town using a van looking for prostitutes that they are going to sacrifice on a satanic ritual in his apartment.  They would remove one of the victims breast and eat it while Gecht reads a short passage found on their Satanic Bible.  They would also take turn in sexually assaulting the lifeless body of the victim and masturbate using the severed breast cut it into pieces and eat it.

They were arrested in 1982 for the murder and the mutilation of an 18-year-old prostitute.  Gecht is currently serving 120 years of life imprisonment.  But the authorities failed to found sufficient evidence to link him on the other crimes.  Edward and Andrew were given death sentence for murdering a secretary whose mutilated body was found in a nearby cemetery.  Thomas on the other hand received a life sentence.

Andrew was the first ever prisoner to be executed in a highly secured and new facility in Illinois while Edward’s death sentence was commuted.

On the 7th of March, 1999 the son of Gecht was implicated together with three other members for a first degree murder.
 "I don’t only face the injustices, but the nightmares that follows. You have no idea the pain and hurt I face and feel every single day I sit here and loose hope. I’m not an angel...but I never intentionally hurt anyone unless it was to protect myself or my family. I could never live with killing or knowing I was responsible for taking ones life." -Robin Gecht


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