Tiffany Sutton

On the Valentine day of 2007, Robert McDaniel (46) voluntarily submitted to his friend Tiffany Sutton (23) and bound him up.  Tiffany has been staying with Mc Daniel for quite some time now and agreed to have a sexual intercourse with Mc Daniel, although there are no reports stating who initiated the idea of a kinky sex.  A copy of the book “The Eighth Circle” was said to be on the scene.

Tiffany Sutton started to carve wounds on Mc Daniel upon tying him up.  McDaniel was shocked upon Sutton slice her legs.  He asked her what she’s doing and told him that she has a weird fetish on blood.  Sutton started to drink blood on his fresh wound.  But that didn’t stop there; Sutton also started to stab him on his torso.  Mc Daniel started to fear for his life, he knew that one deep wound from a knife could end up his life.  He struggled and managed to get free from the bond.  He started to run but Sutton chased him with an ax on her hand.

Fortunately, he was able to call a friend before losing consciousness.  The friend discovered mc Daniel’s body covered with blood while Tiffany is standing on the other side covered with a blanket.  He called 911 and McDaniel was rushed to the hospital with an ambulance.  The doctor found seven stabbed wounds together with some slices on McDaniel’s body.  McDaniel was able to survive the bloody incident.

Sutton was arrested by the police, but she claimed that she was the victim.  She exhibits this gothic look with a heavy eye liner.  But McDaniel insisted that she was tricked by Sutton into tying him up.  He said that he believes that Sutton could’ve killed him that time.  During the trial, it was revealed that McDaniel signed a document stating that no one would file a court case in some instance that the sexual intercourse went crazy.
Sutton however, pleads guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


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