Peter Kurten “The Dracula Syndrome”

Peter Kurten appeared normal at the naked eye, reason why he can charm women and children; but do not be fooled because this person is responsible for a number of murder cases.  Unlike some of the serial killers who preferred children, Peter Kurten will attack any vulnerable person.  In his confession his urge for killing develops when his neighbor introduced him to the torturing of animals.  He will actually stab them while raping them.  At an early age of nine, he was able to stage a crime to look like an accident that killed 2 kids.

In a room found in the second floor located at an inn at Koln-Muheim, a girl who is 10 years of age was found murdered in the year 1913.  It looks like the girl was attacked while she was sleeping and there were some injuries on her neck which is a sign that someone strangled her to death.  They also noticed two punctures on her throat with a different level of extremity.  One of them is shallow and the other is deep.  The mat next to the bed has noticeably absorbed a large amount of blood and there is no blood on the bed sheet.  There are also indications that the girl was sexually assaulted but the authorities were unable to find semen.  On the crime scene, they were able to find a handkerchief with a P.K. initial that was incidentally similar to the girl’s father.  The father stated that it is not his handkerchief.  The uncle was arrested but was immediately released due to the lack of evidence.  The case of the murdered girl remained unsolved until the trial of Peter Kurten.

The town became peaceful once again for 16 years, no killing was recorded after that time, and this is because Peter Kurten was serving a time in prison due to another crime.  Immediately after his return, an 8 year old girl was found dead.  A week later another killing occurred, this time a mechanic who is 45 years old died due to the number of stab wounds particularly on his temple area.  Then after 6 months, 2 girls were mutilated, one of them was strangled and her throat was slit and the other had her head decapitated.  A number of murder happened after, this include the missing 5 year old kid.  Shortly after the disappearance of the kid, a letter supposedly written by his killer was sent to the newspaper.   There is also a map that helped the police in tracking down another two dead bodies of women.

They began to suspect that there is a serial killer in their town.  Peter Kurten together with his wife were discussing about the matter of the serial killings when the police came to their house and arrest Peter Kurten.

Kurten confessed to everything, including that of the girl in 1913 when his handkerchief was found.  He said the blood on the victim spurted and he drink some of it.  There is also some incident where he would kill and drink the blood of his victims.  He was sentenced to die in 1931; prior to his death he expressed his desire to hear the bubble of his own blood after they decapitate him.


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