Werewolf of Northumberland

The legend of the werewolf of Northumberland began the year 1800s, during that time German have said to settle on the land.  One of the very first settlers was the Paul family who works in a farm.  While their father tend the land and manage their crops, it was the job of May Paul to take care of the sheep.  Not far from their small farm lives a gray-haired hermit.  Though the old man is not known to socialize to other people, he started to develop a liking to the child.  He never approached the 12 year old May Paul, but he would sit outside of her ranch and watched her in delight.

Also that time, the Northumberland is known to be infested with wolves.  The wolves would usually attack the local farms and kill sheep, goat, rabbit etc.  But ironically, the wolves never approached the home of the Paul or even their farm.  Not one but an old gray wolf who looks at the farm of the Paul family but never attack them.  One night a hunter passed by around the area and saw the lone gray wolf.  He aimed his firearms and shot the wolf.  The wolf cried in pain that echoed all over the farm.  The wolf flees to the woods and escaped.  The hunter decided to retreat and not to follow a large wolf into the woods on a dark knight.  He returned on the same spot to search for the wolf next day.

When he arrived at the scene, he found a trail of blood which led him to the cabin of the old hermit.  He opened the door of the cabin and saw the old man lying on the ground, dead from the wound that was caused by a gunshot.  The hunter noticed that the wound is in the same spot right where he aimed at the wolf.

There were rumours that the old man is a wolfman who attacks the town during daylight and led a pack of werewolves at night.  But these rumours were not confirmed.  Shortly after his death, a grey wolf would constantly be seen outside the farm of the Paul family chasing other wolf that would try to attack the livestock of the family.  The wolf eventually disappeared after the stray wolves have been exterminated.


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