Dale Bolinger “The Cannibal Nurse”

Dale Bolinger, a nurse who has a different kind of fetish was found guilty on the attempt to meet a minor whom he had contacted over the internet before.  He allegedly told her that he wanted to decapitate her head and devour her flesh after.

The British nurse who was 58 years of age allegedly bought an axe before their day of meeting.  Bolinger has a wife and a father of three.  He met the 14 year old girl whose identity was not divulged due to her minor age at the Dark Fetish Network.  The girl who was given the alias “Eva” was said to be a Mexican living in Germany.

In his social networking profile, his bio states that he already ate a woman that is 39 years old and child who is five years of age.  But during the court trial Bolinger denied everything and claimed that everything just happened inside his fantasy.

During their chat, he allegedly described how he wanted to have sex with her and also to dine in on her.  The message states:

“I have been called a very generous lover and I would be very generous to you before I prepped you for the table.” 
The exchange of messages was discovered by the FBI on Bolingers email address, meatmarketman@rocketmail.com.  The messages were used during the trial which led to the conviction of the cannibal nurse.  He was found guilty of the crime and was sentence on September 19.

Police also raised that there might be some instances where the nurse had sex with the dead bodies.  They found out that Bolinger have an access to the mortuary.  Bolinger worked at a hospital where he was suspended after fantasizing about eating and killing a five year old boy on a website.


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