Cheeka of Sproat Lake

Long ago, there was a popular legend about a creature of Sproat Lake named Cheeka.  It was said that the first settlers of this place was attracted to the beauty of its paradise.  But residents of the Alberni Region were always given a warning about a creature named Cheeka.  When the White Man settled on the region, the Indians told them to leave the place to Cheeka since the creature does not want to share the wealth of the land.

But people did not listen to the warning of the Indians.  The white People decided to create a temporary shelter along the banks of the lake.  First family who attempted to settle on the place was the Cooper family on 1885.  But their family was welcomed with series of fire incident that affected their lives.  Alas when the family had enough, they took all their clothing and leave the place.  The series of fire stopped after they left.

Then a man named Watkins build a cabin along the river.  Not soon after he finished the cabin, a great flood washed the nearby village. Families who lived there asked Watkins if they can take a shelter on his cabin and he permitted them.  Due to the lack of food, Watkins took his canoe and went into the river that night.  Not long after, people started to hear his scream and shout for help.  The next morning they found Watkins dead and his canoe was left untouched.

After a short period of time, many people decided to settle on the breath taking view of Sproat Lake.  Most of them died.  Some of them were found with a ripped throat, others look like they were eaten by a vicious animal.

The most known attack by Cheeka was to a resident named Weiner in the year 1910.  It was a fine night, when the neighbors heard a loud sound of explosion.  They found the house of Weiner flattened.  It looks like a giant creature stepped on it.  The neighbors were scared and worried about the condition of Weiner so they tried to find him on the rubble.  Unfortunately, the body of Weiner was never found.

The curse on the Sproat Lake subsided one day for no known reason.  Elders claimed that Cheeka is just on a vacation and will return one day to unleash its terror once again.


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