In Lithuania, a woman who died after being playful or idle for her whole life would return as a vampire creature called Veles.  The woman would return as a cloudlike spirit but can also take the appearance of a beautiful woman with long hair.  She also has a lovely and enchanting voice.
Their voices are said to be so mesmerizing, that anyone who heard the chant of the veles would forget anything else and divert their attention to the sound.  They will forget eating, drinking or even sleeping for numerous days.  Their victim is usually the male species.  They tend to dress provocatively or sometimes naked in order to lure these men.

But not like the vampires of the West, the veles would only attack humans when she’s in the mood.  She is believed to use her song and dancing skill to lure a man into the deep woods where she would drain them of their life energy.  Rich grass would start to grow on the path that the veles walked.  Walking on it will bring you bad luck.

The Veles is similar to the Samodiva of Bulgaria in terms that it is also a brave warrior.  It rides upon a stag or a deer using her bow and arrow to hunt or when she is in combat.  The Veles is said to be so powerful that the ground shakes upon physical altercation.

The veles also have the gift of prophecy.  It also have the power to heal and to shape shift in a form of an animal especially wolf, snake, swan and falcon.  A small token of offering in the place where it lurks can appease the troubled soul and prevent her from hunting.

It is also known to extend its help to the people but to no amount of bribe.  They tend to help humans when they feel like it.  Also if someone takes an oath to a veles, one must adhere to the vow since breaking their promises would also end up their life.

Stealing a feather from a veles while it is in bird form can diminish her power.  She would be so weak, that in moment that she retrieves back her feather she would immediately escape.  In order to kill a veles, one has to pull out a hair from the veles.  It will turn her back to her original form and eventually kill her.


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