The vampire Tlahuelpuchi is widely known in Tlaxcala particularly those indigenous cultures of Nahua. The name originated from a compound word tlahuia which means illuminate and pochtli which means youth.  That is why Tlahuelpuchi means illuminated youth.

True from the word where it originated this vampiric creature is glowing especially in the time that it shape shift.  This creature has the ability to shape shift in order to trick his victim which is usually children.  They usually assault their children victims at night by feeding on their blood.  Tlahuelpuchi are born with the curse to be a blood sucking creature, they tend to find out about their true identity during their puberty.  Most of the Tlahuelpuchi on the legends are female, maybe because they believe that the female creature is a lot stronger than the male Tlahuelpuchi.

These vampires were believed to have their own society.  They also managed to have a pact with a shaman and when someone asks for help on that shaman, he will not divulge the true identity of the tlahuelpuchi due to their pact.  The main sign to distinguish the attack of this creature is through the bruises that can usually be found on their neck.  They love to victimize children but they are also known to attack anyone.

Tlahuelpuchi has to detach their body from their lower portion in order to shape shift.  They usually take the form of a bird (vulture or turkey) in order to have the ability of flight.  A ritual is necessary for this creature to enter a house.  Then she must fly around the house doing a sign of the cross before she can penetrate the house.

They are required to feed on blood at least once a month or else they would die.  They would usually prey on the infants.  Unlike other vampires, the only way to catch this creature is when you saw her on action.  Other members of the family protects the identity of the tlahuelpuchi due to shame and the curse that if a tlahuelpuchi dies, the curse will be passed down to a family member.  There is no cure for the curse.  Garlic, onion and other metal objects are known to be effective against this creature.


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