Rod Ferrell

Rodrick Justin Ferrell, who was born on the 28th of March, 1980 is the head of a gang mostly composed of teenagers from Kentucky known as the Vampire Clan. In 1988, Ferrell confessed to the 2 counts of murder that involved a couple from Florida.  Ferrell was said to be the youngest individual to be placed in a death row in the United States.

Teenagers were drawn into his gang due to his charisma and to an old structure they called the Vampire Hotel located in the southwestern region of Kentucky that serves as their meeting place.  The Vampire Hotel has been reduced to ruins after the said murders. The road that leads to the said area was closed to prohibit people from conducting meetings.  Graffiti can be found all over the place which includes pentagram, cryptic symbols and phrases such as “Deposit dead bodies here”.

November 25, 1996, while Richard Wendorf was sleeping soundly on his couch, Ferrell entered the house and strike him multiple times using a crowbar that injured his ribs and skull.  Naoma Queen later discovered the dead body of Wendorf.  Ferrel then bludgeoned Queen to death.  The remains of the victims were discovered with a burn marks that resembles the sign of V.  The V sign with two dots is said to be the sign of Ferrell on their clan.

Ferrell is a friend of Heather Wendorf, the daughter of the victims who apparently told Ferrell that her house is a living hell.  Ferrell together with the members of his clan escaped the scene.  They were later found in the state of Louisiana.  The groups were said to be running out of money so Remington, one of the members phone her Mom to ask for help.  But the mother of Remington called the police to inform them about the location of the teens and they were arrested.

On February 12, 1998, Ferell told the court that he is the main culprit of the crime and the others are just an accessory to the crime.  He was given a death sentence until on September of 1999 when his sentenced was demoted to life imprisonment.


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