Vampire Craze on Boston Highschool

May 27, 2009, when the police received a call from an anonymous person claiming that a vampire is attending the 400 year old School of Boston Latin School.  Sounds familiar?  In Stephenie Meyer’s popular novel, a vampire would normally hang out of the school, attends the prom, and drives some fancy car.  Are there really a vampire lurking inside the school or are the students of the high school was just engulf on the imagination of Stephenie Meyer?

Lynne Mooney Teta, the head of the high school, quashed the rumors and said that it is not true.  Furthermore he advised the faculty members and the students alike to stop spreading the nasty rumors, he seek the aid of the police to help them put an end to the rumors since it might compromise the safety of the students who are suspected to having an undead manifestation.   Nonetheless, the police visited the school and shared some enlightenment about the case.  They talked to the school authority and gave an advice regarding the psychological effect that it could present to the students.

The news has caught the attention of media (MTV News, Fox, Yahoo, etc.).  Interestingly, this is not the first time that a mass hysteria happened in the high school.  Back in 1977, Halloween day, when a buzz about a possible mass murder might happen due to an axe-murderer on the loose.  Newsweek reported the hysteria and said that this might cause a mad person to create havoc and act lunatic on the situation.  Sometimes a nasty rumor can start like a wildfire and affect the students especially those that are emotionally imbalanced and portray the character of a mad axe murderer or a vampire on the loose.

It is but right for the authorities of the high school to start worrying about students who are carrying wooden stakes and silver bullets and grow amok to those suspected vampires. In addition, someone biting the neck of random students can prove to be fatal.  Another student claimed that he is a werewolf and posted his status as such on a social networking site. It is interesting to know, that somewhere in a place that is a birthplace civilization and advancement a medieval type of story can be so popular.


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