Vampire Effect on Society

The crime that Mister Lorca has committed can be compared to the attack of a vampire.  He was responsible for attacking a drunken man by biting him on the neck and drinking his blood.   The incident happened on the night of October 25th, 1974.  Lorca lured a drunken man on his house by promising him with a shelter and some food.  Upon reaching their house, Lorca bit him on the neck and start sucking his blood.  The man fainted due to the loss of blood, but Lorca thought that the man was already dead so he returned to his coffin to sleep.  After a few moments the man gained his consciousness, he went straight to the police to report the said incident.  The policemen rushed to the house of Mr. Lorca, they found him sleeping at his own coffin with blood on his lips.  Lorca was arrested that night.

Before this, the neighbors already noticed odd behaviors being exhibited by Mr. Lorca, his unusual craving for raw meat and he instructed people to call him Count.  His case may not be a clinical vampirism but an obsession for the vampire culture.  Some people further testify that Mr. Lorca even has some book about occultism and that he is only active during the night time.

There is also this case about a Polish immigrant who died due to choking on a clove of garlic he put in his mouth as a form of a ceremony to repel the undead.   Demetrious Myicura has reportedly been scared of the vampire attack.  He stuffed his room with cloves of garlic and he was found dead in 1973.

The Kashubs though a group of Christian sectarian has maintained their strong belief on some paganism.  They also hold a firm belief that vampires walk among us.  A professor once visited that village and witnessed that grim process that one has to undergo if they were suspected to be a vampire.  Some performs the removal of the upper incisor if proven to be a blood sucking creature.  They also perform exhumation and other form of desecration on the corpse to prevent them from rising from the grave and spreading terror all over the village.


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