The Genesee River Killer

Arthur Shawcross dubbed as “The Genesee River Killer” killed his victims in ways that only animal can do.  His long list of serial murders began when he was paroled early which led to the criticism of the justice system.

Shawcross, born in Maine who later moved to Watertown in the state of New York was responsible for the murder and mutilation of 13 individuals.  He dropped out of his ninth grade and enlisted in the army when he was 19.  Then he went to Vietnam to fight the war, he also confessed that during this time he murdered and cannibalize two Vietnamese women.

After his military service, he went back to Watertown where he married for four times.  His relationship didn’t last too long due to his violent behavior. In May, 1972 he lured a 10 year old boy named Jake Blake into the woods.  He attacked him and strangled him to death.  After 4 months he killed and raped an 8 year old girl.

He was arrested for the crimes that he committed.  But the prosecutor had to drop the case against Jake Blake due to the lack of evidence.  They charged him for manslaughter instead of first degree murder.  He was given a 25-year sentence, but he only served 15 years because he was given an early parole.  This is where the true horror started.

His second killing spree that claimed 11 individual started on March of 1998.  He will mutilate the bodies of his victims in unimaginable ways and dump them on the Genesee River.  Most of his victims are prostitutes.

After the body of his last victim was found, the police decided not to remove it on its original place.  According to the profile of the killer, the killer tends to return on the crime scene so the police decided to keep the surveillance team in the area.  Shawcross indeed return to the crime scene and he was spotted by the police masturbating on the creek where the body of his last victim was floating.

During the trial which was televised lived on national TV, Shawcross pleaded not guilty due to the claim that he is insane.  But the jury found him sane and he was found guilty and sentenced for 250 years of imprisonment.


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