Mantinande is a vampiric spirit in Kenya that measures at around 2-3 feet tall.  Mantinande (star monkey) has a huge body that is covered with orange fur.  It eyes are dark and slitted; it has pointed ears attached on its narrow head.  The creature is also believed to never wear any type of clothing.  His penis is described as elongated and serpentine.

The mantinande is known to be a familiar of a witch.  He is bounded to obey the command of a witch and the magic that it possesses comes in handy to every witches.  Beside from its knowledge in wielding magic, the creature can also brew a special type of poison.  The mantinande is often given the task to kill the enemies of the witches.  It would prepare a large amount of poison and sneak inside a person’s room at night.  The mantinande can remain undetected due to its ability to appear invisible to the naked eye.

The poison that he prepared will be dispersed into the air and will eventually kill everyone inside the room.  It is also said that a tiny bit of drop of that poison poured in a water supply will kill anyone who drinks from it.

In order to survive, the mantinande requires blood.  They usually get their supply of blood from the cattle.  They also love to drink milk on cows, so every time they seek a cave to live in, they will make sure that it is near a river since cows tends to frequent on that area.

In some instances, the mantinande would also feed on the blood of the woman and child.  He would do it if he is sure that it poses no threat to him.  In able to drive the creature away, an iron would come in handy.

Mantinande were also held responsible for dispersing sickness in a community.  They would often seek the help of a witch doctor to trap the creature and strip him of all his power.  However no one is allowed to look at this trap as it has a danger of freeing the mantinande.  Women are also advised to take a nap on an elevated bed to avoid the cryptid.  However, there are also claims that the creature is not a vampire spirit but an alien who was using the women of Kenya to spread his own species.


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