Kamouraska Wolf

The Kamouraska Wolf is a werewolf incident that was reported in Quebec and even landed the Quebec Gazette during the 18th Century.  The locals organized a large hunt to put an end to the torment brought by the creature.   The event was first reported on July 21, 1766:

“By accounts from St. Rock, near Cap Mouraska, we learn, that there is a Ware Wolf wandering about that Neighbourhood, in the Form of a Beggar, which, to the Talent of persuading People to believe what he himself is ignorant of, and promising what he cannot perform, adds that of obtaining what he desires. It is said that this Animal came, by the Assistance of his two hind Legs, to Quebec the 17th of last Month, and set out from hence the 18th following, with a Design to persue his Errand to Montreal.—This Beast is said to be as dangerous as that which appear’d last Year in the Country of Gevaudan; wherefore it is recommended to the Public to be as cautious of him as it would be of a ravenous Wolf.”

The Quebec Gazette reports was followed by another incident which was published on December 1764:

We learn that a Ware-Wolfe, which has roamed throughoutthis Province for several Years, and done greatDestruction in the District of Quebec, has received severalconsiderable Attacks in the month of October last, bydifferent Animals, which they had armed and incensedagainst this Monstre; and especially the 3rd of Novemberfollowing, he received such a furious Blow, from a smalllean Beast, that it was thought they were entirely deliveredfrom this fatal Animal, as it some Time after retiredinto its Hole, to the great Satisfaction of the Public. Butthey have just learn’d, as the most surest Misfortune, thatthis Beast is not entirely destroyed, but begins again toshow itself, more furious than ever, and makes terribleHovock wherever it goes.—Beware then of the Wiles of thismalicious Beast, and take good Care of falling into its Claws.

No further reports were documented about the beast.  Consequently, no accounts were found to prove what happens to the beast after the massive hunt that was organized by the locals.

The Kamouraska wolf is one of the earliest known accounts of a werewolf in the North American region.


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