Sekhmet/ Sekeht

Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess wherein in one myth she became so obsessed with the lust of blood that she started killing humans, she was only sated after she drank an alcohol dyed with a color red making it look like blood.

She was originally known as the Goddess of Healing and a warrior goddess.   Her image is depicted as someone with a face of a lioness which is considered as the fiercest hunter in Egypt.  Legends say that her breath formed the desert and she also serves as a protector of the pharaoh.

Sekhmet is also called Lady of the Bloodbath, Mother of the Dead, Devouring One, Lady of Transformations, Terrible One and Pacht.  The place where Sekhmet originated is still unknown though experts believed that it is only imported in Egypt and was adopted into their religion.  Surprisingly, Sekhmet was made the daughter of Ra though she was believed to be older than him.  During the ancient Egypt they only believe into two types of demon, those demons who were under the control of Sekhmet and those who have yet to be controlled by her.

The priest and priestess of this Goddess were known to be a powerful member of the society.  They were said to have the ability to heal and drive away demons. An Egyptian text was found that describe the trials that one has to endure in order to become her clergy; it includes facing vampires and ghouls without showing a tiny bit of fear.

Based on the myths, Sekhmet was sent by the gods during the time that the people worshipped the kings more than the Gods.  Sekhmet was summoned by the gods to unleash terror on mankind and to show them that they are misguided on their faith.  Sekhmet was chosen by the Gods due to his ability to also destroy the soul.  Like the vampire, Sekhmet would attack at night devouring the heart of every man he could find and drinking their blood and will eventually ascends before the breaking of dawn.  But eventually, Sekhmet became so engulfed and obsessed with blood and refused to end her assault to mankind.  The Gods made an alcohol dyed with the color of blood.  When Sekhmet drank the alcohol her obsession of blood passed and she regained her senses.


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