Dames Blanche

The Dames Blanche/White Ladies of Fau is similar to the la Llorona of Mexico and the famous White Lady of Balete Drive in the Philippines.  Sightings were usually reported in Lorraine and Normandy.  They were also known as Damas Blancas in Occitain where they appear in the Pyrenees Mountain.

The Dames Blanche is also blamed for the drowning and disappearance of fishermen in the coastal region of a town in France.  In St. Tropez the Dames Blanche is described similar to a banshee that was usually sighted on a deserted road.  Locals, who have sighted about the creature, described her wearing a tattered wedding dress.  Stories say that she was waiting for her fiancĂ© in the castle but he never showed up.  She was so heartbroken that she waited for her fiancĂ© all her life wearing the same wedding dress.  She returned from the grave and wreaks havoc to those unsuspecting drivers who happened to pass on the deserted road.

There is no way to escape the Dames Blanches once she presented herself to you; speeding up your car is useless as the dames blanche would instantly appear at the back of your seat and unleash a horrifying scream that will cause you to lose focus and crash your car.

Thomas Keightley however describes the creature as a less benevolent type of creature.  They were said to ask for a small help to those who happens to pass to that road and those who successfully finished the task would be able to pass the road.  The famous La dame d’Apringy that is usually sighted at the Rue Quentin in Normandy requires you to dance her first before you are allowed to pass.  There is another Dames Blanche in the narrow bridge found in the district of Falaise, those who refused to fulfill her demands will be tormented by a certain familiar that accompanies her.

The White Ladies of Fau which originated in Juria Lake preys on young men.  They lure them using their beautiful presence to an isolated area where they drained them of their blood.  One type of Dames Blanche stands tall among the rest as numbers of literary works were written about her.


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