Vampire-related Trial

Toronto, 25th of November 2003, when a boy was found murdered at the basement of their house.  It appears as if someone has drained the blood of the 12 year old boy.  The body was mutilated acquiring 71 stabbed wounds.  His brother together with two of his friends was arrested as a prime suspect on the crime.  But since they are all underage, their names were not divulged on the press reports.  The victim was given the alias “Jonathan”.  For three months the trial against these suspects went on with a shocking testimony coming from a girlfriend of the accused.  The whole trial is awaiting its verdict when the reports were picked up by a news agency.

The girlfriend testified that one of them is associated with a vampiric culture and that the murder of the boy was planned.  She also offered a recorded phone conversation as evidence.  She further stated that they planned to kill the whole family.  Apparently after they killed “Jonathan” the two of them went to the stepfather armed with a baseball bat in attempted to kill him.  The two of them were both charged with attempted murder case.

The defense insisted that the phone call and the time that the crime happened was a coincidence and cannot be used as evidence on the court.  They said that the victim’s brother acted on his own free will and killed his little brother out of anger.  One of the suspects stated that the call was an attempt to impress the girl as she was trying to end the relationship.  He claimed that he also said similar things to other girls hoping to impress them.  He further testifies that the drinking of blood before having sexual intercourse was just a joke.

All evidence seems to point to the boys, but when a series of post on a vampire website together with a blog owned by the girlfriend was found that clearly exhibit his odd fetish on blood and vampirism, the court decided that the girl was unfit to become a witness.  Though the girlfriend said that he was only influenced by his boyfriend into this vampire sub cultures, the judges said that the testimony of the girl can no longer be trusted and declared the case as a mistrial.


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