The Story of Aswid and Asmund

Aswid and Asmund is a legend of two blood brothers in Scandinavia.  The two brothers were pretty close; both of them are excellent warriors, a high ranking official and a friend to each other.  They made a pact with each other that if a time comes that one of them died, the other should take his own life and follow the other.

Eventually Aswid contracted a disease and died.  Asmund kept his promise.  He made a tomb with his name besides the companion’s grave taking along their treasures and honors that they gathered for being a great warrior.  They also included their dogs, horses and their favorite brandish sword.

But Before Asmund could decide the best way to take his own life; Aswid came back to the land of the living as an undead.  Aswid attacked the horses and the dogs first.  When all the animals were already drained with blood, Aswid decided to attack the only living person left inside the crypt, and that is his companion, Asmund.

After three hundred years, though the story of Aswid and Asmund is treated only as a legend, a group of friends decided to find the crypt of the two warriors.  The barrow is considered haunted but the group pushed for their adventure.  When they found the site, they decided to open the tomb.

While inside the crypt, they could hear the clash of sword happening within.  One of the friends asked the other to lower him into the tomb so he could get a better view of what’s happening inside.  Suddenly the rope they were holding felt heavier and decided to pull it back at once.  When their friend reached the surface, they saw another man wearing a medieval type of armor.

The man they rescued was Asmund and he explained to the others that he has been fighting for his life for three hundred years.  Thanks to the group of friends who lowered one of their buddies to the tomb that distracted Aswid, Asmund was able to kill him.  After Asmund tells the story to the group of friends, Asmund immediately died.  They also found the decapitated body of Aswid and burned it to ashes.  On the other hand, Asmund was reburied with full honor.


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