Miami Cannibal Attack

The Miami cannibal attack is an incident that happened on the 26th of May 2012 at the Mac Arthur Causeway, Florida that resembles the attack of a zombie. The incident involves Rudy Eugene, a former high school football player and was working at a car wash station during that time and Ronald Poppo, a homeless man.

The entire incident was recorded in a video that last at around 18 minutes.  It started when Rudy Eugene who was naked approach Ronald Poppo of stealing his Bible and started beating him.  When Poppo lost his consciousness, Eugene started removing his pants and he ripped off his face including his left eye.  Eugene earned the nickname the “Miami Zombie and the “Causeway Cannibal” due to the shocking event.

The reason for the attack remained unidentified even though friends and families of the accused filled in the details about the life of Eugene. The former high school football player was already accused of petty crimes when he was just 16 years of age.  While Poppo, the homeless man is a graduate of Stuyvesant’s High School and was presumed to be long dead by his families and relatives.

Police speculated that a certain drug called “bath-salts” might have triggered the said incident.  But the experts repelled that theory as they only discover substance from marijuana on Eugene’s toxicology report.  The main cause of the sudden change in the mood of Eugene remains unknown.

Based on the eyewitness, on May 26, 2012, Eugene was seen driving a car to Urban Beach Week.  Sometimes during the afternoon, he abandoned his car and began to walk on the Mac Arthur Causeway while stripping himself with his clothing.  His car was discovered with the police with his Bible together with 5 empty bottles of water.

Finally Eugene by this time is completely naked, encountered Poppo at around 1:55 and accused him of stealing his Bible.  It was first disclosed that the two were unrelated to each other until when a publishing company revealed on July 2012 that the two met while Eugene was working for a homeless community.  The incident was witnessed by a man passing by and quickly reported it to 911.  The officer arrived at the scene while Eugene is still attacking Poppo, the officer warned him but Eugene does not seem to respond on the request.  The officer fired a shot on him, but a single shot was proven ineffective, it took about 4 gunshots to disable the perpetrator and eventually caused his life.


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