Pishtaco is a mythological creature in the country of Peru.  Based on the legends, the Pishtaco are unsuspecting individuals who prey on Indians to kill them and mutilate their bodies in the most gruesome way.  They usually cut their fats to cannibalize; they cut the leftovers to small pieces and sell them to the market to turn into a chicharrones.   The Pishtaco originated from the word pishtay which means to cut in slices or to behead.

Their pleasure in taking the body fat can be traced back to the culture of the Andes region during pre-Hispanic era.   Extra fats are signs of good health, wealth, beauty and strength.  During those times people who lack body fats are thought to be sickly, zombie-type bodies back those days are abhorred by the people of Andes.

When the Spanish came to the Andes, the people feared them, thinking they were some Pistaco that are out to take their body fats, since they always depicted the pishtaco as a tall white man.  Even today, they believe that the machinery in the sugar mill needed some human fats to have a smooth start and also they believe that jet engines will fail to start without the help of human fats.

Their belief to the Pishtaco also became a problem to the International Aid Community, who was extending their help to the Andean aborigine.  They believe that the primary task of this organization is to fatten up the people in order to consume their fats.

And on recent crime, Pishtaco is also a name given to a gang who were supposedly murdering people for their fats.  The officials estimated the number of victims at around 60.  The authorities believe that these people sold these fats to European companies for cosmetics use.  When the ministries reported that this news is a hoax, the chief of police quit his job for a supposed cover up.  The police claimed that a fat of a person can be sold at around $15,000/liter.   The gang members allegedly severe the heads of their victims and cut their limbs.  They tied the torso on a hook while a candle heated them.  Body fats will them drip on the container placed below.  The incident of the Pishtaco gang happened in November 2009.


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