Huli Jing

Huli Jing is like the Kitsune and Gumiho of the Mainland China. They are vampiric spirits in a form of a fox.  The Huli Jing tends to be invisible during the day, it reveals itself at night and its tails can be easily seen.

The Huli Jing shape shift every night to hunt for it prey.  Reports about this creature said that it is often seen at the rooftop of a house searching for its victim.  Like most of the oriental vampire, Huli Jing prefers the life energy of their victim.  It will seduce their victim and drain their life force during a sexual intercourse.

One of its hunting methods is to take the identity of the person that has died long ago and return to the place where it used to live.  And just like other undead, huli jing can take the form of any creatures, but it fondly uses the image of a beautiful women, a scholar or an old man.

They can survive for a thousand of years, they also have ghostly properties as they can pass through solid walls, and they also have the ability to see places that are thousands of miles away.  It can also possess a person and drive him mad.  But huli jing tends to be generous to those who worship them, they granted them with the ability to fly.

In order to drive it away, a special potion is brewed and should be consumed.  In order to make that potion, prayers that are written on rice paper should be burned and reduced to ashes; the ashes should then be mixed to the tea.  A small token of offering can also prevent it from attacking you.

One also has to remember that all of the power of Huli jing can be found on its tail, cutting its tail would make it lose all its powers.  They can easily be fooled into drinking too much alcohol; one has to take this opportunity for her to reveal herself.  If one plans on cutting its tail, the huli jing will haunt him and his family members for the rest of his life.  There were also instances when the huli jing fall in love and had children, but once their true identity has been revealed, the huli jing would leave, never to return again.


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