A chupacabra is a vampiric creature that is popular at the Central and South American region.  Some sightings have also been reported in Europe and the United States of America.  Chupacabra literally means, goat sucker.  The name may originate from their attacks on goats and other farm animals by sucking their blood and eventually killing them.

Though a part of folk tales, there have been many reported sightings of chupacabra; unexplainable deaths of farm animals are also attributed to them.  Description of appearance varies depending on those people that sees them and also on the region where they spotted the chupacabra.

The chupacabra walks in an upright position using its hind legs that is similar to some animals.  It possesses red and glowing eyes.  It is also covered with thick fur and there are also some accounts that this creature also has a certain wings, while others said that a membrane is just creating its bat wings effect.   It is also reported to have the ability to change its color, jumps and run in an incredible speed and emits an unbearable scream.

Animals that are supposedly attacked by the chupacabra have numerous notable puncture on their bodies.  In other stories especially on Mexican region, animals were discovered to have a puncture that looks like a bite of sharp teeth.  Also on the said region where an attack was recorded, a woman apparently survive the attack of the chupacabra with only a scratch of claw on her back, the wounds is more similar to burn marks.  There are also instances where slimes are found on the corpse of the victims. 

A precise surgical cut on some animals were also reported rather than punctures.  What seems to be odd is that, experts believe that the cuts are precise and more like surgical cuts, something done by a professional and not by a ravaging monster.   Some people believe that chupacabras are prehistoric creature that has survived up to this day, but there are no proofs regarding that claim.

There are attacks recorded in Sweetwater, Florida on a numerous attack on farm animals such as goat, ducks domestic pets and others.  Though some people stated that they saw a creature similar to dog that attacked the farm animals, the locals still believe that it was an attack by the cryptid.  Sometimes their attacks are also linked to UFO’s.


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